Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album

Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album

Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album


Angela Hunte, A$AP Rocky, BJ The Chicago Kid, Black Thought, Bump J, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., C.S. Armstrong, Dom Kennedy, G Herbo, H.E.R., Hit-Boy, Jay-Z, JID, Judas and the Black Messiah, Kiana Ledé, Lil Durk, Masego, Nas, Nardo Wick, Nipsey Hussle, Polo G, Pooh Shiesty, Rakim, Rapsody, Saba, SAFE, SiR, Smino, White Dave


Aliandro Prawl, Andre Harris, Andrej Marko, Benjamin Tolbert, Bryan Sledge, Carl McCormick, Chandler Durham, Chauncey Hollis Jr., Chris Goodman, Christopher Smith Jr., Clarence Reid, Darryl Washington, David McDowell, Deleno Matthews, Dernst Emile II, Desmond Wrinch, Destin Route, Diederik Van Elsas, Dominic Hunn, Donovan Knight, Durk Banks, Dustin Corbett, Ermias Asghedom, Eugene Booker Jr., Fred Hampton Jr., Gabriella Wilson, Hal Davis, Herbert Wright, Herman Griffith, Horace Walls, Jahmere Tylon, Jairus Mozee, James Frank, John Groover Jr., John Lam, Joshua Strange, Kelvin Wooten, Kiana Brown, LaMar Edwards, Larrance Dopson, Lontrell Williams, Mark Evitts, Marlanna Evans, Matthew E. Charles, Micah Davis, Michael Cox Jr., Michael E. Neil, Nasir Jones, Noah Coogler, Parrish Warrington, Quintin Gulledge, Rafael Brown, Rakim Mayers, Ronald LaTour, Saif Musaad, Shawn Carter, Sir Darryl Farris, Tahj Chandler, Tarik Trotter, Taurus Bartlett, Terrance Boykin, Thomas Jahmal Walker, Tiara Thomas, Wadell Brooks, William Griffin Jr., Willie Clarke


1500 or Nothin’, Andre Harris, Andyr, Audio Anthem, BJ The Chicago Kid, Cardiak, Cardo, Corbett, D. Brooks Exclusive, D. Mac, D’Mile, DDot Omen, Dauphin Amir, DJ AYO, DK The Punisher, FrankGotThePack, Ghetto Guitar, Groove, Hit-Boy, Jarius J.Mo Mozee, John Lam, Masego, Mike & Keys, MyGuyMars, Phoelix, Rakim, Rance, Sean C, Skywalker Og, THX, Trackside, Turbo, Wu10

Grammy Award winning Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album, is a star-studded collaborative album that supports the feature film, Judas and the Black Messiah. Executively produced by Hit-Boy and with appearances from Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle, A$AP Rocky, Rakim, H.E.R., Nardo Wick, and Polo G, the soundtrack gives an exemplary nod to both legendary, current, and rising artists. Based in Chicago highlighting the story of Fred Hampton it also masterfully incorporates some of Chicago’s most prominent stars such as G Herbo, BJ The Chicago Kid, and Lil Durk to name a few.

Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album peaked at number 1 on Billboard’s U.S. Soundtrack Albums and number 12 on Billboard 200 chart. It also earned nominations from Black Reel Awards, Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and NAACP Awards. Individual tracks that captured critical acclaim are “What It Feels Like” by Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z, which won the Impact Track and the Sweet 16: Best Featured Verse categories at the BET Hip Hop Awards. While “Fight For You” by H.E.R. won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance.

  1. Cointelpro/Dec 4 – Performed by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.; Written by Fred Hampton Jr., Wadell Brooks; Produced by D. Brooks Exclusive
  2. Fight for You – Performed by H.E.R.; Written by Gabriella Wilson, Dernst Emile II, Tiara Thomas; Produced by D’Mile
  3. EPMD – Performed by Nas, Hit-Boy; Written by Nasir Jones, Chauncey Hollis Jr.; Produced by Hit-Boy
  4. Welcome to America – Performed by Black Thought, C.S. Armstrong, Angela Hunte; Written by Tarik Trotter, Deleno Matthews; Produced by Sean C
  5. What It Feels Like – Performed by Nipsey Hussle, Jay-Z; Written by Ermias Asghedom, Shawn Carter, Larrance Dopson, LaMar Edwards, Michael Cox Jr., John Groover Jr., Quintin Gulledge; Produced by 1500 or Nothin’, MyGuyMars, Rance, Mike & Keys
  6. Broad Day – Performed by Hit-Boy; Written by Chauncey Hollis Jr., Rafael Brown, Eugene Booker Jr.; Produced by Hit-Boy, Audio Anthem
  7. Plead the .45th – Performed by Smino, Saba; Written by Christopher Smith Jr., Tahj Chandler, Benjamin Tolbert, Michael E. Neil; Produced by Groove, Phoelix
  8. Somethin’ Ain’t Right Performed by Masego, JID, Rapsody; Written by Micah Davis, Destin Route, Marlanna Evans, Carl McCormick, Kelvin Wooten; Produced by Masego, Cardiak, Wu10
  9. Letter 2 U – Performed by BJ The Chicago Kid; Written by Bryan Sledge, Jairus Mozee, Chris Goodman, Hal Davis, Herman Griffith; Produced by BJ The Chicago Kid, Jarius J.Mo Mozee, THX
  10. On Your Mind – Performed by Lil Durk; Written by Durk Banks, John Lam, David McDowell, Andrej Marko; Produced by John Lam, D Mac, Andyr
  11. Appraise – Performed by White Dave, Hit-Boy; Written by Noah Coogler, Chauncey Hollis Jr.; Produced by Hit-Boy
  12. All Black – Performed by G Herbo; Written by Herbert R. Wright, Chandler Durham, Matthew E. Charles; Produced by Turbo, Ghetto Guitar
  13. I Declare War – Performed by Nardo Wick; Written by Horace Walls, Ronald LaTour; Produced by Cardo
  14. No Profanity – Performed by Pooh Shiesty; Written by Lontrell Williams, Thomas Jahmal Walker; Produced by Skywalker Og
  15. Last Man Standing – Performed by Polo G; Written by Taurus Bartlett, Jahmere Tylon, James Frank; Produced by DJ AYO, FrankGotThePack
  16. Respect My Mind – Performed by Dom Kennedy; Written by Dominic Hunn, Michael Cox Jr., John Groover Jr.; Produced by Mike & Keys
  17. Revolutionary – Performed by G Herbo, Hit-Boy, Bump J; Written by Herbert Wright, Joshua Strange, Terrance Boykin, Mark Evitts, Dustin Corbett, Chauncey Hollis Jr.; Produced by Hit-Boy, Corbett
  18. Teach Me – Performed by SiR; Written by Sir Darryl Farris, Andre Harris, Donovan Knight; Produced by Andre Harris, DK The Punisher
  19. Contagious – Performed by SAFE, Kiana Ledé; Written by Saif Musaad, Kiana Brown, Parrish Warrington, Diederik Van Elsas; Produced by Trackside
  20. Rich Nigga Problems – Performed by A$AP Rocky; Written by Rakim Mayers, Aliandro Prawl, Darryl Washington, Desmond Wrinch; Produced by DDot Omen, Dauphin Amir
  21. Outro – Performed by Judas and the Black Messiah; Written by Chauncey Hollis Jr.; Produced by Hit-Boy
  22. Black Messiah – Performed by Rakim; Written by William Griffin Jr., Willie Clarke, Clarence Reid; Produced by Rakim
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